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Most Requested Speaking Topics


1. Publish Don’t Perish: The Top Secrets to Get Published


  • The top 7 secrets to get published
  • Drastically increase faculty, students and members’ publications
  • Increase chances of AACSB and other accreditations
  • Publish by discovering beneficial partnerships
  • Access to Lussier’s popular book, Publish Don’t Perish (175+ tips to get published)


What are the top 7 secrets to getting published NOW? The answers will surprise you! Workshop attendees state that they’ve learned more secrets to increase their publications in an hour and by reading Lussier’s book Publish Don’t Perish, than from numerous other sources….why ? Highly successful faculty use some of these secrets. Dr. Lussier draws upon 20 years of research along with good old fashioned trial and error. Attendees have seen a drastic increase in their own (and faculty or members’) publications using these key strategies that also increase chances of AACSB and other accreditations.

2. Seven Strategies of Successful Startups


  • Learn from a two time entrepreneur and intrapreneur and author of the most globally published “Lussier Entrepreneurial Success vs Failure Prediction Model”
  • The most important ingredient for success (failed startups overlook this!)
  • The 7 keys of a successful startup
  • Avoiding the 3 main failure factors
  • How to predict –then create- your organization’s success


Startups often encounter the largest challenge when going into business: the unknown. But what if you could actually predict a startup’s success? Using years of research on both flourishing and failed startups, Dr. Lussier has arrived at a dynamic formula that not only predicts business success, but also overrides the 3 main failure factors, increasing the chances of business longevity.

3. Real Leadership


  • The 4 most effective leadership styles
  • The 5 personality types of leaders
  • The 7 types of power (and when to use each one)
  • Effortless leading: models of the most successful leaders


Once leaders are aware of their own leadership personality, they can use it    strategically with one (or more) of the most effective leaderships styles. This is a winning combination to run any team, meeting or negotiation.

Studying and practicing when and how to use the 7 types of power (direct and indirect) is also crucial to real leadership: enforcing or micromanaging is replaced with a ripple effect that occurs exponentially to motivate and inspire.

4. Organizational Power and Politics- Create an Exceptional Team


  • Streamline team dynamics and ensure productivity
  • The 4 problem types and preventing unethical behavior
  • How to build thriving, motivated team internally
  • Get more done in less time with better results


Learn the key strategies to creating a thriving, successful team. Once team dynamics are understood, this information can be utilized to get more done in less time with better results. Communication tactics are also discussed, along with methods that are the most effective with various personality and problem types.

 5. Win the Negotiation


  • The 5 stages of negotiation
  • Preparing for the 4 types of responses
  • When to give other people what they want
  • Create win/win scenarios using 3 key strategies


Discover the 5 stages of negotiation, and how to win each stage by preparing for the 4 types of common responses. There is a time to give people what they want, while employing creative solutions that outweigh competitive ones to create the ultimate win/win scenarios.

The Competitive Advantage of Dr. Lussier:

  • Presented Publish Don’t Perish keynotes and workshops for over 20 years
  • Author of more than 435 publications including top tier journals, practitioner journals, magazines, conference papers and textbooks
  • Author: Publish Don’t Perish: The Top Secrets to Get Published
  • Helped hundreds of people and institutions in 76 countries get published
  • Author of 12 bestselling leadership and management books
  • Professor for more than 30 years
  • Small Business Institute® Fellow (the SBI’s highest honor)

Dr. Lussier has a complete 70 page curriculum vitae (CV).

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