If you haven’t been following my blog posts from the beginning, the first three are based on publishing tips found in my Publish Don’t Perish: The Top Secrets to Get Published. The first, “Publish Don’t Perish” presented the foundational tip (Chapter 1 Publishing Attitude and Persistence) and the second discussed the “Literature Review and Hypotheses” (Chapter 9 Empirical Research Article Contents). The third, “Setting Objectives” (Chapter 3 Prioritizing and Scheduling Publishing; also in my Management Fundamentals: Concepts, Applications, and Skill Development) presented a model to help you and others write effective objectives related to publishing and anything you want to accomplish.

In the fourth and fifth blog posts, the focus switched to helping you, your students, your employees and others “Delegate” and improve “Teamwork” skills (from Management Fundamentals). Next, I wanted to help you and others better deal with conflict in both your personal and professional lives (from my Human Relations in Organizations: Applications and Skill Building). Blog post six presented five “Conflict Management Styles” and when each style is appropriate based on the situation. The seventh presented a model to use when initiating, responding to, and mediating when “Resolving Conflicts.” Last month’s post was designed to improve “Negotiating” skills to help you and others met your objectives (from my Leadership: Theory, Application, and Skill Development; with coauthor Chris Achua).

If you missed any of these blogs, they remain on my website, or you can click on the hyperlinks in this post, for more information about my books that feature topics on management, human relations, leadership, and secrets to getting published.

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