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I’m starting my blog to share a publishing tip from my book Publish Don’t Perish: The Top Secrets to Get Published. The top secrets may be found in my Publish Don’t Perish live and webinar presentations based on my book.

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Foundational Publishing Tip #1:

Editors and reviewers of referred (peer-reviewed) academic conference papers, journal articles, editor-selected articles and books are looking for reasons to reject – not accept- your article or book. Based on this knowledge, you need to avoid common mistakes that give editors and reviewers reasons to reject your work. This will greatly increase your chances of becoming published.

For example, one reason a work may be rejected is a generic introduction. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention to keep them reading… how do you accomplish this without going over the top, or losing them? The introduction needs to be memorable, direct and relevant.

Also, this may seem simple, but make sure you are addressing the decision maker by his or her first and last name in your query or email. Addressing ‘To Whom It May Concern’ may give the impression you have not done your research. Put your best foot forward, and be personable.

Speaking of research, do your due diligence in reviewing a publication (or publisher) thoroughly beforehand. Assure your information, style and query displays a clear alignment with their mission, audience and tone.


Publish Don’t Perish: The Top Secrets to Get Published  provides top reasons articles and academic works are rejected, while proving invaluable tips, like how to write a memorable introduction. This will help you get published in your target publications. Complete details of a tip or secret can’t be contained in a short article, but in the book you will find detailed information to gain the competitive edge in submitting your articles or books for publication.

Publish Don’t Perish: The Top Secrets to Get Published  has more than 175 tips to help you get your academic and professional articles and books published. It includes many secrets based on publishing expert Dr. Robert’s Lussier’s 20 years of experience.

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