Lussier’s 12 Business Books

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Testimonials for books at the bottom of this page.

R.N. Lussier, Human Relations In Organizations: Applications And Skill Building 11/E  (Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2019). Best selling HR textbook. Translated into Chinese + Australian/New Zealand edition.

R.N. Lussier, Management Fundamentals: Concepts, Applications, Skill Development 8/E (Sage 2019). Translated into Chinese.

R.N. Lussier and J. Hendon, Human Resource Management: Functions, Applications, Skill Building 3/E  (Sage, 2019).

R.N. Lussier and J. Hendon, Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: Functions, Applications, Skill Development  (Sage, 2017).

R.N. Lussier and C. Achua, Leadership: Theory, Applications, Skill Development 6/E  (South-Western/Cengage, 2016). Translated into Spanish and Chinese, and there is also a trade version.

R.N. Lussier, J. Corman, and D. Kimball, Entrepreneurial New Ventures Skills 3/E  (Routledge, 2015).

R.N. Lussier and H. Sherman, Business, Society and Government Essentials: Strategy and Applied Ethics  (Routledge, 2014).

R.N. Lussier and D. Kimball, Applied Sport Management Skills 2/E  (Human Kinetics, 2014).

R.N. Lussier, Research Methods and Statistics for Business  (Waveland Press, 2011).

R.N. Lussier, Publish Don’t Perish: 100 Tips to Improve Your Ability to get Published, (IAP, 2010).

J. Corman, L. Pennel, and R. N. Lussier, Small Business Management: A Planning Approach 3/E (Atomic Dog/Cengage, 2009).

R.N. Lussier, Supervision: A Skill Building Approach 2/E (Irwin, 1994).


Sample Excerpts of Testimonials for Lussier’s Books:

“Dr. Lussier’s commitment to the teaching process is evident throughout the book. His implementation of application and skill building tools is well designed and student-friendly. All in all, his efforts will benefit all who use them.”

–Violet Zlatar-Christopher

“We are in a huge, fast paced global economy. To lead, develop, and strengthen any business toward positive and sustainable progression and growth in such an environment, integral concepts of management fundamentals must be understood. This book is essential for understanding concepts, applications, and skill development.”

–Michael E. Cox

“I’m always impressed with how responsive Lussier and the editorial team are in incorporating feedback from faculty in the revisions for new editions. In doing so, each new edition provides not only updated content, examples, and references, but also improved alignment with the changing needs of both teachers and learners.”

–Eric S. Ecklund

“Dr. Lussier is an exceptional author and educator. His insights always make me think and his writing inspires me. . . . If my colleagues are not using his textbooks, they are missing out on beneficial information to share with their students.”

–Carl Blencke

“…one of the foremost and comprehensive textbooks written on the subject. The textbook enriches the business management curriculum and is useful for skill development and application.”

–Charles J. Mambula


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